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Mame nuova versione (link download)

Dopo una lunga attesa arriva la nuova relase mame ricca di novita’ aggiunti nuovi giochi che prima erano protetti vediamo le novita’ Ovviamente questo procedimento di installazione è per chi è gia un po esperto per chi è neofita ri rimandiamo alla nostra guida per principianti.


MAME NEWS from 0.37b1 – 0.155 (3.04 MB)

PCB-infos 0.153 (2.11 MB)

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed
– 01007: [Sound] (simpsons.c) simpsons: Some in-game samples such as 
“maggie” and “that’s my sister mister” sound bad. (Alex Jackson)
– 05705: [DIP/Input] (segas18.c) ddcrew: Player 3 buttons not working (Osso)
– 05700: [Graphics] (terracre.c) amazon, amatelas: lag/desync between 
sprites and background (Alex Jackson)
– 03395: [Sound] (nmk16.c) macross2: Music emulation is not 100% perfect
(a balance issue) (trap15)
– 02422: [Sound] (nmk16.c) mustang: Sound communication might be incorrectly
implemented. (trap15)
– 02417: [Sound] (nmk16.c) NMK004 sound CPU is just (imperfectly) simulated
for now. (trap15)
– 01117: [Graphics] (nmk16.c) macross2: After some versions, I noticed a different 
gfx overlap priority between hugest ships and weapon pickups in Macross2. (trap15)
– 05493: [Crash/Freeze] (itgambl2.c) All sets in itgambl2.c: Crash before OK
(Olivier Galibert)
– 05697: [DIP/Input] (flyball.c) All sets in flyball.c: Controls for Batter and 
Pitcher are intertwined (hap)
– 05693: [Graphics] (ddragon3.c) wwfwfest: Wrestler Entrance does not show graphics
– 05689: [Misc.] (williams.c) All sets in williams.c: Utility panel buttons not 
working correctly compared to real game
– 05683: [Interface] SDL-based: -watchdog command not operable in SDLMAME (R. Belmont)
– 05681: [Crash/Freeze] SDL-based: Most Laserdisc CHD games either do not boot or
have other issues (R. Belmont)
– 05688: [Crash/Freeze] (psikyo4.c) hgkairak, hotgm4ev, hotgmck, hotgmck3, hotgmcki: 
MAME crashes when enabling flip screen in psikyo4 games (Osso)
– 02124: [Graphics] (namconb1.c) nebulray, nebulrayj: Nebulas Ray is missing a rotation 
effect in the first level (Phil Bennett)
– 05686: [Documentation] (model2.c) vcopa: missing relationship (Tafoid)
– 05685: [Documentation] (alg.c) maddog22: maddog22 is missing relationship with other
maddog2 sets (JWallace)
– 05676: [Sound] (eolith.c) candy: Loss of in-game sound (Wilbert Pol)
– 05675: [Color/Palette] (highvdeo.c) newmcard, record: Palette problems (David Haywood)
– 05666: [Crash/Freeze] (cswat.c) cswat: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow with
-aviwrite (hap)
– 05350: [Core] Systems using M6809 with M6809_HOLD_LINE: CWAI doesn’t acknowledge
interrupts while polling for them (hap)
– 05629: [Color/Palette] hangplt, hangpltu, thrilld: Voodoo 3D graphics have no palette
(Phil Bennett)
– 05637: [Crash/Freeze] (vegas.c) gauntdl, gauntdl24: Emulation hangs after initialization
(Phil Bennett)
– 05638: [Crash/Freeze] (seattle.c) vaportrx, vaportrxp: Emulation hangs during INIT
(Phil Bennett)
– 05636: [Sound] (vegas.c) gauntleg, gauntdl, carnevil and clones: Missing streaming
BGM/Sounds during gameplay (Phil Bennett)
– 05634: [Crash/Freeze] (tasman.c) All sets in tasman.c: [debug] Assertion in Debug
(Alex Jackson)
– 05644: [Graphics] (homerun.c) ganjaja: Line glitches at top of screen (hap)
– 05631: [Crash/Freeze] mquake.c, upscope.c: Crash shortly after start (Osso)
– 05633: [Crash/Freeze] (pcxt.c) tetriskr: [debug] Crash in Debug at start (crazyc)
– 00386: [Graphics] (battlera.c) battlera, bldwolf, bldwolfj: Sprites in the same player
where the black box with text that appears sometimes are printed in front of them.
(David Haywood)
– 00385: [Graphics] (battlera.c) battlera: When you are fighting against the first final
boss, you can see it even if it is under the water. (David Haywood)

Source Changes

-tourvis.c: Added version 5.3 BIOS to the Tourvision driver. [system11]

-m68kmake.c: change overlapping memcpy() to memmove() [Casper Ti. Vector]

-Changed set mpoker and driver to mgames. Also description from
Multi-Poker to Match Games accordingly with the official flyer.
fact, these are skill instead of poker games. Also added way more
documentation and some cosmetic fixes. [Roberto Fresca]

-Unknown Pac-Man gambling game: Rename and redefine the inputs to match
the behavior of both games. Added complete instructions to play the
stealth gambling game. [Roberto Fresca]

-Unknown Pac-Man gambling game: Added proper sound support. Rearranged
some inputs and hooked extra port. Found some DIP switches. Added
technical notes and instructions. Cleaned up the whole driver.
[Roberto Fresca]

-k053246_k053247_k055673.c: Make 8-bit-per-pixel ROM readback work;
hook up ROM readback properly in rungun.c; hook up registers properly
in tasman.c (sprite ROM tests pass now, still doesn’t draw anything)
[Alex Jackson]

-fm2612: fixed missing dac channel on savestate load
[dink (FB Alpha project)]

-Added decryption support for Music Ball [Andreas Naive]

-speedbal.c: Give Music Ball it’s own correct Bonus dipswitch settings.
Add dipswitch locations to Speed Ball & Music Ball. [Brian Troha]

-improve Funny Strip / Puck People protection simulation [iq_132]

-tatsumi.c: Fixed Cycle Warriors (set 1) hangs at boot. [MASH]

-k005289: fix off-by-one frequency; adds missing detune effect to
nemesis BGM [Alex Jackson]

-floppy: Handle half and quarter tracks [O. Galibert]

-williams.c – Added missing video board PROM to Joust 2 [Joe Magiera]

-flopimg: don’t trash a bunch of memory when loading legacy floppies.
[R. Belmont]

-gcpinbal.c: Added PCB layout for Grand Cross Pinball
[Brian Troha, system11]

-ssv.c: Add PCB for the Storm Blade game rom board.
[Brian Troha, ShouTime]

-Laserdisc titles added and reorganised to include dumps from other
sources. ALG titles in particular have been heavily reorganised
[Dragon’s Lair Project, J. Wallace]

-taito_b.c: Verified clock speeds for the East Technology’s ET910000A
PCB used by Sel Feena and Ryu Jin. [system11]

-namconb1.c – Improved interrupt handling, fixing raster-effects (used
by nebulray and machbrkr) and nebulray test mode. [Phil Bennett]

-Implemented the Namco Custom 116 palette and raster IRQ controller as
a device, and hooked it up to the namcos1, namconb1 and namcofl
drivers [Alex Jackson]

-digfx.c: Make some members protected instead of private to be less
fascistic and more consistent with other device_interfaces. [Alex Jackson]

-SDL: update manpages [Cesare Falco]

-Allow use of external SQLite3 [Cesare Falco]

-coinmvga.c driver: Minor cleanup, new set added, and changed game
descriptions. [Roberto Fresca]

-msm5832: day of week is 0-6, not 1-7 [R. Belmont]

-galaxian.c: redumped atlantis2. [system11]

-Preliminary IGS029 protection simulation for mgcs: [Luca Elia]
fixes sound, dips and crash at game start.

-bwidow.c – Various changes: [Phil Bennett]
* Added address decoder PROMs to Gravitar and clones.
* Renamed ROMs to include correct part numbers and locations.
* Renamed set gravp to gravitar1.

-centiped.c – Various changes: [Phil Bennett]
* Made centtime the parent (this is actually revision 4)
* Renamed ROMs to include correct part numbers and locations.
* Added sync PROM to Warlords

-fuukifg2.c: Correct clock speeds for the Susume! Mile Smile / Go Go!
Mile Smile and Gyakuten!! Puzzle Bancho sets. [system11]

-added decryption for Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES bootleg) [iq_132]

-floppy: Don’t infloop in set_write_splice when there’s no floppy
(fixes MT5672) [O. Galibert]

-mips3drc: Throw badcop exceptions on COP1 accesses while the COP1
status bit is not enabled [MarathonMan]

-segaybd.c: Give the new Power Drift (Japan, Link Version) it’s own
correct dipswitch settings. [Brian Troha]

-ymf278b: Use the memory system to access wavetable data. This should
make it possible to hook up RAM as well as ROM to the device, e.g. for
computer sound cards in MESS. [Alex Jackson]

-psikyo4: Improve and clean up wavetable ROM banking. The mask ROM
tests in hotgm4ev and hotgmcki pass now. loderndf still fails for
unknown reasons. Miscellaneous cleanups as well. [Alex Jackson]

-mfi_dsk: Fix leaks [O. Galibert]

-SDL: fall through to the baseline Win32 implementations for file,
socket, and pty/named pipe I/O. [R. Belmont]

-SDL: init timebase the first time it’s needed on Windows, Mac, and
OS/2 targets. [R. Belmont]

-Fixed sprite DMA for Raiden 2, bullets are now visible
[Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert]

-SDL: remove dead code from SDL2 renderer, fix laserdisc crash with
SDL2 -video accel rendering. [R. Belmont]

-replace rom in ryukendna set [system11]

-SDL: link properly on OS X for SDL2. [R. Belmont]

-SDL: Use the same screen selection method for SDL2 as Windows.
[R. Belmont]

-Various pinballs working (see list below) [Robbbert]

-Sound for Atari pinball machines [Robbbert]

-gtia.c: converted to be a device. [Fabio Priuli]

-hikaru: add mask dumps for podrace [Cah4e3]

-voodoo.c, vooddefs.h: Added support for writes to trexInit1 register,
to return TMU configuration data. [Peter Ferrie]

-antic.c: converted to be a device. [Fabio Priuli]

-SDL: Allow -sound dsound on SDL Windows builds. [R. Belmont]

-Removed legacy_cpu_device. [Wilbert Pol]

-Added proper NMK004 internal rom [trap15]

-Hooked up support for NMK004 internal rom in MAME, replacing Nicola’s
old simulation code [trap15, David Haywood]

-Fixed TLCS90 16-bit timers & support NMI in the core [trap15]

-Various tweaks and improvements in nmk16.c (timings, sound balance,
etc.): [trap15, David Haywood]
* US AAF Mustang now has sound / music for the first time
* Much better sound / music in the following games Bio-ship Paladin,
Vandyke, Black Heart, Acrobat Mission, Koutetsu Yousai Strahl, Thunder
Dragon, Hacha Mecha Fighter, Super Spacefortress Macross, GunNail

-SDL: use Windows OSD’s font-selection semantics for SDL Windows
builds. [R. Belmont]

-softlist: fixed inconsistent -listsoftware output. [phulshof]

-ui: fixed crash when loading floppies with no parent software from
softlist (only via internal File Manager, though) [Fabio Priuli]

-added generic cartslot / ROM socket slot device, which offers basic
allocation and access handlers, and converted a few drivers to use
this instead of code from cartslot.c [Fabio Priuli]

-softlist: restored the support for loading games from compatible
softlists (like gbcolor games in gameboy, and viceversa, msx1 carts in
msx2, etc.) by using the syntax mess system -media list:gamename You
can now for instance use again “mess gbcolor -cart gameboy:sml” to
play “Super Mario Land” with the custom palettes of the Game Boy
Color. [Fabio Priuli]

-NS8250 Fixes [smf] 
* Loopback: tx goes high and data is clocked at the
correct rate instead of appearing instantly Modem status register:
don’t lose track of external signals when starting, resetting,
switching loopback off, writing to register Handshaking: active low
for consistency (RS232 port now defaults handshaking lines high and
serial mouse dtr/rts handling has been adjusted).

-Memory system and Namco improvements: [Alex Jackson]

* Explicit regions in address maps (AM_REGION) are now looked up
relative to the device rather than as siblings when in an internal
address map (similar to devices and shared pointers) Besides being
more orthogonal than before, this allows internal ROMs of MCUs and
similar devices to be hooked up in a nicer and more foolproof way.
Updated the m37710 and m5074x (m6502 derivative) to take advantage of

* Divided the M37702/M37710 into specific models, with each model having
its own internal address map containing the correct amounts of
internal RAM and ROM.

* M37702 MCUs found on various Namco PCBs are now all unique devices and
have their respective internal ROMs loaded as device ROMs.

-namcops2: Documentation fixes [Guru]

-addrmap.c: Only install the default device address map if the owner
didn’t provide one [Alex Jackson]

-8250: call interrupt callback after clearing internal interrupt state
when resetting [smf]

-added workaround to build with XCode 6.0.1 out-of-the-box
[Oliver Stöneberg]

-wd_fdc: Hopefully fix reading sectors with DDAM [lowen, O. Galibert]

-Moved protection vectors from hachamfb to hachamf, making the latter
to work properly too [Angelo Salese]

-web: allow pasting in text. [Firehawke]

-Gundam Wing: Endless Duel updates: [Peter Ferrie]
* added additional shared memory block
* added protection handlers
* corrected reset vector
* worked around bad startup
Game now boots but doesn’t coin up.

-fix compile on MSVC 2012 & 2013 [Peter Ferrie]

-snesb.c: Add coin/DSW inputs to Gundam Wing, game is now playable.

-s4.c : fixed sound, 4 games marked as working (Flash,Stellar

-snesb: Set up dip switches for Gundam Wing. [stephh]

-peplus.c: Various fixes, all sets should be working now. [BrianT]

-WebUI: clean up and fixed HTML compliance. [Firehawke]

-added makefile variable OPENMP to enable usage of OpenMP (includes
vconv support of -fopenmp) [Oliver Stöneberg]

-blktiger priority fixes [Mamesick]

-dragrace.c: Added tachometer outputs. [Comboman]

-Handcrafted PAL for actual Varth US PCB. [Palindrome]

-awboard: add “offset protection” used by some carts. samsptk and
kofxi boot now. [R. Belmont, MetalliC]

-model3: Rewrote 2D tilemap rendering. [Ville Linde]

-Rewrite k053260 sound device [Alex Jackson]

-Make cheat initialization debugger message more verbose. [Pugsy]

-make the orlegend111t set work [iq_132]

-chqflag.c: improve k007232 volume/pan controls, still largely
guesswork [Alex Jackson]

-wecleman.c: add missing k007232 volume callback [Alex Jackson]

* M2-type cartridges 4/8MB mode mapping documentation/code
[MetalliC, rtw]
* F355 protection key, small docs update/corrections [MetalliC]
* Atomiswave controller type register [MetalliC]
* Added InitialD Ver3 Cycraft PIC key [anonymous, MetalliC]

-eepromuser.c: Added Support for MSM16911 Serial eeprom [Felipe Sanches]

-mb88xx.c: Added support for Fujitsu M88201-202 MCU [Felipe Sanches]

-model3: New 3D renderer + various fixes (still heavily WIP) [Ville Linde]

-Beatmania IIDX Twinkle hardware: The IDE DMA is now hooked up, but the
sound board isn’t running well enough yet for it to make a difference.
Hooked up the FDC37665GT and HLE the XVD701 and the 68k sound board
responses to get most of the games booting. There is no sound and the
games all fail with a hdd error when you start a stage. Beatmania IIDX
with DDR 2nd Club Version wants the GQ863 hard disk. [smf]

-Beatmania IIDX Twinkle hardware: beatmania IIDX Substream with DDR 2nd
Club Version 2 wants the harddisk from beatmania IIDX Substream. Added
missing 3rd & 6th style CD images & replaced 5th style images. [smf]

-upd7220: add Bresenham arc and complete char drawing [Carl]

-m68000: add missing item to save state [Alex Jackson]

– Converted battlera.c driver to use real PCE video code, fixing several
longstanding bugs (present since driver was added in 0.37b2 era)
[David Haywood]

– Reorganized ST0016 code, detangling several drivers, and fixing a some
missing video features used by gostop [David Haywood]

– Refactored legionna.c COP code to use new Raiden II implementation
fixing several bugs along the way [David Haywood]

– Tweaked Raiden II collision detection based on user feedback citing
specific bullet patterns and expected hitbox sizes [David Haywood]

– Added note about tharrier Dipswitches being likely read via the
protection device (not yet hooked up) [David Haywood]

– Fix girls 4,5,6 in the ‘popbingo’ bonus rounds [David Haywood]

– Fix what appears to be bad sound ROM banking in sandscrp
[Dink, David Haywood]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Music Ball [Andreas Naive]
Dongfang Shenlong [Luca Elia, Guru, Dyq, bnathan]
Bobble Bobble (set 2) [Darq]
Jump Jump [system11, The Dumping Union]
Elfin [system11, The Dumping Union]
Raiden 2 [Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert]
Raiden DX [Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert]
Raiden II New / Raiden DX (newer V33 PCB) (2 sets, different EEPROM for each game)
[Olivier Galibert, David Haywood]
New Zero Team / Zero Team 2000 [Olivier Galibert, David Haywood]
Go-Stop [system11, The Dumping Union]
Player’s Edge (PK1024) Aces and Faces Poker [BrianT]
Americana (9131-00) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES bootleg)
[Peter Ferrie, iq_132, stephh]
Vegas 1 (Ver 2.3 dual coin pulse, shorter) [any]
Vegas 1 (Ver 2.1 dual coin pulse, longer) [any]
Vegas 1 (Ver 1.33 single coin pulse) [any]
Merit Touch Joker Poker (9132-00)
[Brian Troha, Mariusz Wojcieszek, The Dumping Union]
Black Velvet [Robbbert]
Camel Lights [Robbbert]
Foxy Lady [Robbbert]
Real [Robbbert]
Rio [Robbbert]
Chuck-a-luck [Robbbert]
Family Fun [Robbbert]
Star Trip [Robbbert]
Vegas [Robbbert]
Sharp Shooter [Robbbert]
Old Coney Island [Robbbert]
Pinball Lizard [Robbbert]
Super Nova [Robbbert]
Sharp Shooter II [Robbbert]
Global Warfare [Robbbert]
Attila the Hun [Robbbert]
Agents 777 [Robbbert]
Captain Hook [Robbbert]
Lady Sharpshooter [Robbbert]
Rotation VIII (v. 1.01) [Robbbert]
Rotation VIII (v. 1.15) [Robbbert]
Pinball [Robbbert]
Stingray [Robbbert]
Stars [Robbbert]
Memory Lane [Robbbert]
Lectronamo [Robbbert]
Wildfyre [Robbbert]
Nugent [Robbbert]
Dracula [Robbbert]
Trident [Robbbert]
Hot Hand [Robbbert]
Magic [Robbbert]
Cosmic Princess [Robbbert]
Freedom [Robbbert]
Night Rider [Robbbert]
Black Jack [Robbbert]
Evel Knievel [Robbbert]
Mata Hari [Robbbert]
Eight Ball [Robbbert]
Power Play [Robbbert]
Strikes and Spares [Robbbert]
Super Picker [Robbbert]
Roy Clark – The Entertainer [Robbbert]
Thunderbolt [Robbbert]
Hoe Down [Robbbert]
Take Five [Robbbert]
Hearts & Spades [Robbbert]
Flame of Athens [Robbbert]
Disco ’79 [Robbbert]
Eros One [Robbbert]
Circa 1933 [Robbbert]
Star Shooter [Robbbert]
FJ Holden [Robbbert]
Orbit 1 [Robbbert]
Shark [Robbbert]
Howzat! [Robbbert]
The Empire Strikes Back [Robbbert]
Atlantis [Robbbert]
Black Hole [Robbbert]
Heavy Metal [Robbbert]
Taito Test Fixture [Robbbert]
Shock [Robbbert]
Oba Oba [Robbbert]
Meteor [Robbbert]
Sure Shot [Robbbert]
Cosmic [Robbbert]
Vortex [Robbbert]
Rally [Robbbert]
Speed Test [Robbbert]
Drakor [Robbbert]
Brave Team [Robbbert]
Canasta 86 [Robbbert]
Lap by Lap [Robbbert]
Moon Light [Robbbert]
Clown [Robbbert]
Atleta [Robbbert]
Mundial 90 [Robbbert]
Corsario [Robbbert]
250CC [Robbbert]
Faeton [Robbbert]
Ski Jump [Robbbert]
Space City [Robbbert]
Strike [Robbbert]
Odin [Robbbert]
Odin De Luxe [Robbbert]
Solar Wars [Robbbert]
Pole Position [Robbbert]
Star Wars [Robbbert]
Wolf Man [Robbbert]
Nemesis [Robbbert]
Odisea Paris-Dakar [Robbbert]
Flash [Robbbert]
Tri-Zone [Robbbert]
Time Warp [Robbbert]
Stellar Wars [Robbbert]
Laser Ball [Robbbert]
Scorpion [Robbbert]
Blackout [Robbbert]
Gorgar [Robbbert]
Algar [Robbbert]
Alien Poker [Robbbert]
Warlok [Robbbert]
Laser Cue [Robbbert]
Time Fantasy [Robbbert]
Thunderball [Robbbert]
Still Crazy [Robbbert]
Black Knight [Robbbert]
Cosmic Gunfighter [Robbbert]
Pharaoh [Robbbert]
Star Light [Robbbert]
Jungle Lord [Robbbert]
Firepower II [Robbbert]
Varkon [Robbbert]
Defender [Robbbert]
Sorcerer [Robbbert]
Space Shuttle [Robbbert]

New clones added
Player’s Edge Plus (X000124P+XP000053) Deuces Wild Poker [BrianT]
Player’s Edge Plus (X002308P+XP000112) Triple Double Bonus Poker
Armored Warriors (Asia 941024) [system11, The Dumping Union]
Punch-Out!! (Rev B) [2600]
Super Punch-Out!! (Rev A) [2600]
F1 Exhaust Note (US) [f.arzeno, The Dumping Union]
Cops (UK) [Any]
Pac-Mania (111187 sound program) [system11, The Dumping Union]
Storm Blade (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Search Eye (English / Korean / Japanese / Spanish)
[system11, The Dumping Union]
Sky Shark (US, set 2) [caius]
Growl (World, Rev 1) [caius]
Bonze Adventure (World, prototype) [Silvio Grazini]
Colorama (P521 V13, Spanish) [Roberto Fresca]
Viper Phase 1 (New Version, Holland) [Nigel Parker]
Phoenix (D&L bootleg) [PokeMAME, Lord Nightmare]
Wonder Boy III – Monster Lair (encrypted bootleg) [Claudio Bechini]
Shadow Dancer (bootleg, set 2) [Asure] (not working)
19XX: The War Against Destiny (Asia 960104)
[system11, The Dumping Union]
Food Fight (rev 1) [Phil Bennett]
Candory (Ponpoko bootleg with Mario) [system11, The Dumping Union]
Centipede (revision 1) [philipbe]
Air Rescue (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Gaplus (Tecfri PCB) [system11, The Dumping Union]
The Simpsons (2 Players World, set 3) [Ben76]
Fantasia (940803 PCB) [system11, The Dumping Union]
The X-Files [system11, The Dumping Union]
Vendetta (World, 2 Players, ver. unknown) [caius]
Hacha Mecha Fighter (19th Sep. 1991, unprotected, bootleg Thunder Dragon conversion)
Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS2, USA 950926, SAMPLE Version) [Asure]
Raiden DX (Japan) [rtw]
Raiden DX (China, Ideal International Development Corp license)
Raiden II (US, set 2) [farzeno]
Raiden II (easy version, Germany) [Icronnya77]
Raiden II (harder, Raiden DX hardware) [the sheep]
Baryon – Future Assault (set 2) [Rockman, Datasat]
Player’s Edge Plus (PP0158) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker (set 1) [BrianT]
Zero Hour (Inder) [Basilio García]
Initial D Arcade Stage (Japan) [rtw, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 2 (Japan) [rtw, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter II’: Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg, set 4) [any]
Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition (M9, bootleg) [any]
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (TAB Austria, bootleg, set 3)
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (TAB Austria, bootleg, set 4)
Oriental Legend / Xi You Shi E Zhuan (ver. 111, Taiwanese Board)
[bytestorm, iq_132]
Arkanoid (Japan) [ShouTime]
Chelnov – Atomic Runner (Japan, bootleg with I8031, set 1) [Jan Kretschmer]
Chelnov – Atomic Runner (Japan, bootleg with I8031, set 2) [Tirino73]
Shot Rider (bootleg) [f205v]
Hexa (with 2xZ80, protected) [??]
Jumping (set 2) [Porchy]
Pac-Man (JPM bootleg) [Hammy]
Speed Up (Version 1.00) [neocps1]
Frisky Tom (set 3, encrypted?) [Andrew Welburn]
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Installazione MacOsx Lion 10.7.2 su PC Intel

Installazione MacOsx Lion 10.7.2 su PC Intel:

Oggi il Team di TechForOnly vi mostra come installare l’ultimo gioiellino di casa Apple:MacOsx Lion 10.7.
N.B. Il tutto è da ritenersi solo a scopo illustrativo e il Team non si assume nessuna responsabilità’ in caso di danni ai propri PC.

Partiamo dalla configurazione testata dal nostro Team:

Hardware Testato dal Team Techforonly

Scheda madre: Asus P8H61-mle

CPU: Intel i5 2400 @3,20 Ghz.

RAM: 8 Gb DDR3.

Video: nVidia GeForce GT430 1GB di memoria.(testato anche con 2GB di memoria)

Dvd: LG Dual Layer 16x.

Tastiera e mouse: Logitech K 260 (senza fili).

Monitor: LG E2260 LED 21,5 pollici risoluzione 1920x1080p connesso DVI-DVI

Audio: integrato HDA Realtek® ALC 887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC.

Ethernet: integrato Realtek® 8111E , 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s).

Wireless dedicato: Atheros AR5005g.

Webcam generica usb.

Abbiamo preso in considerazione l’installazione di MacOsX su un Hard Disk dedicato per non avere problemi di Boot con i sistemi operativi gia’ presenti nel vostro PC,ovviamente è possibile installare MacOsX “accanto” al vostro sistema Windows o Linux,ma tratteremo tale argomento piu’ avanti.

Cercando in rete è possibile reperire l’immagine della distro IATKOS L2, proprio quella presa in considerazione per il nostro test!
Per chi ha seguito la nostra precedente guida sull’installazione di Snow Leopard 10.6.6 può’ seguire questo video illustrativo su come masterizzare tale distro e renderla compatibile e pronta all’uso:


  1. Una volta preparato il nostro DVD,accediamo al bios e impostiamo come boot di partenza il DVD e seguiamo le impostazioni a video.
  2. Ricordiamo che l’HDD del nostro Hackintosh deve essere inizializzato a MacOsx (Jurnaled esteso) e che prima dell’installazione vera e propria dobbiamo impostare i vari Kext da Installare(Cliccando su personalizza). 
  3. La scelta di questi Kext questa volta (per nostra fortuna) è da lasciare come impostata di default,quindi limitiamoci ad andare avanti nell’installazione.
  4. Dopo il riavvio del PC si arriva ad immettere le credenziali per la registrazione(ovviamente da non fare)quindi il gioco è fatto.

N.B. In caso abbiate problemi x l’avvio del sistema vi rimandiamo alla GUIDA SUI FLAG DI AVVIO più comuni.

In conclusione tale installazione rispetto alla precedente è da ritenersi davvero banale e fattibile anche da chi non è proprio esperto!! 
Ricordo che è possibile aggiornare tale versione di LION direttamente da Software Updates di Apple, l’unico aggiornamento da fare separatamente è quello combo Lion 10.7.3.

N.B.Aggiornamenti Maggio 2012:E’ da pochissimi giorni che l’Apple ha rilasciato l’ultimissimo aggiornamento Lion 10.7.4.Tale Update è reperibile su Aggiornamento Software di casa Apple.Per tutti gi appassionati di Hackintosh, per poter avanzare con l’aggiornamento è sufficiente scaricare manualmente il pacchetto “MacOSXUpdCombo10.7.4” ed installarlo!!Dai primi test il sistema Hackintosh sembra rispondere bene e non presenta malfunzionamenti.
Godetevi il nuovo sistema Apple.

Tutti gli hardware aggiornati, su cui e’ possibile installare tutte le versioni di Mac OsX potrete trovarli in questi articoli:

Hardware compatibile per hackintosh

Cpu consigliate per hackintosh


Guida all’installazione MacOsX Snow Leopard 10.6.6 su PC Intel

Snow Leopard su PC

L’installazione del sistema operativo MacOsX è un procedimento molto complesso e non sempre porta ad un esito positivo, infatti bisogna avere un Hardware compatibile quasi al 100%  per non avere problemi insormontabili in fase di installazione.

Passiamo all’installazione guidata di Snow Leopard 10.6.6 su una macchina Intel.

Ps: ricordiamo che esistono differenti distribuzioni di MacOsX, realizzate appositamente per macchine Intel e per macchine AMD.

Prendiamo in considerazione per il nostro test la distribuzione MacOsX 10.6.6i by Hazard che equivale a Snow Leopard 10.6.6.

Video dimostrativo di tale distro all’opera:

Hardware Testato dal Nostro Team 

Scheda madre: Asus P8H61-mle.

CPU: Intel i5 2400 @3,20 Ghz.

RAM: 4 Gb DDR3.

Video: nVidia GeForce GT430 1Gb di memoria.

Dvd: LG Dual Layer 16x.

Tastiera e mouse: Logitech K 260 (senza fili).

Monitor: LG E2260 LED 21,5 pollici risoluzione 1920x1080p connesso DVI-DVI

Audio: integrato HDA Realtek® ALC 887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC.

Ethernet: integrato Realteck.

Wireless dedicato: Atheros AR5005g.

Abbiamo preso in considerazione l’installazione di MacOsX su un Hard Disk dedicato per non avere problemi di Boot con i sistemi operativi gia’ presenti nel vostro PC,ovviamente è possibile installare MacOsX “accanto” al vostro sistema Windows o Linux,ma tratteremo tale argomento piu’ avanti.

N.B. Tale configurazione  è solo ed esclusivamente per la componentistica Hardware trattata sopra,per altre componentistiche Hardware i settaggi da modificare possono essere differenti;di conseguenza tale guida è da ritenersi come “esempio” per successive configurazioni. 

Preparazione Bios per MacOsX.

Settaggio fondamentale da fare nel bios della vostra sheda madre è attivare l’opzione AHCI per l’harddisk,infatti Mac non riconosce HDD settati in IDE/SATA(come in Windows o Linux).Consigliamo vivamente di installare il sistema MacOsX su di un Harddisk dedicato.

Quindi:premere il tasto Canc appena il Pc si avvia,poi Advanced mod, poi SATA advanced, poi AHCI.Salvare i cambiamenti e riavviare il Pc.

Preparazione Hard Disk per installazione MacOsX.

Inseriamo il DVD di Snow Leopard 10.6.6i by Hazard e premendo il tasto F8 selezioniamo come boot di partenza il DVD, successivamente premiamo un tasto qualsiasi e attendiamo che il DVD di Snow Leopard si avvii.Non abbiate fretta e attendete il caricamento,a volte impiega svariati minuti.

Dopo il caricamento vi comparira’ la schermata di installazione del sistema,andate nel menu’ in alto e selezionate UtilityDisk(questo servira’ a preparare l’HDD per l’installazione), dal menu sulla sinistra selezionare l’harddisk e spostatevi nella schermata di destra , cliccate su partiziona e createne una,in seguito inizializzare la partizione con MacOs esteso(jurnaled).Attendete e chiudete tale schermata.Vi ritroverete di nuovo nella finestra dell’installazione guidata del sistema;andate avanti fino ad arrivare alla scelta dell’HDD in cui installare il sistema.Selezionatelo e cliccate su “personalizza” per poter impostare i vari Driver(Kext) da caricare.La scelta di tali Kext se non fatta con criterio,non permettera’ al sistema di avviarsi dando come errore un Kernel Panic.

Inatallazione O.S. MacOsX guidata.

Siamo arrivati alla fase in cui dobbiamo caricare i nostri driver(Kext)per poter eseguire una corretta installazione del sistema.Allora dopo aver preparato l’HDD per il nostro Mac, chiudiamo Disk-Utility e andiamo avanti,fino ad arrivare alla schermata in cui ci fa selezionare l’Hdd per l’installazione.In basso sulla sinistra clicchiamo su personalizza e selezioniamo solo ed esclusivamente i Kext che vi elenchiamo:

Boot—-Chameleon RC4

Option—-Graphics enabler


Chipset—-AHCI Port injector

Sata Pata—-AHCI asta FIX

Premiamo su OK e lanciamo l’installazione;Il tutto dovrebbe durare pochi minuti, circa 15…..In caso contrario abbiate pazienza e lasciate terminare l’operazione.Ricordo a tutti i nostri lettori che tale procedimento è solo da ritenersi a scopo illustrativo e Il TEAM di  techforonly non si assume nessuna responsabilità’!!

Detto questo arriverete al punto di riavviare il pc,cliccate su riavvia e godetevi il video di presentazione del vostro Hackintosh!!Dopo pochi istanti dovrete continuare l’installazione immettendo i vostri dati (nome,pass e via dicendo)per una eventuale registrazione del prodotto(ovviamente sconsigliata!!!!).Al termine della procedura riavviate il pc e vi ritroverete tra le mani un MacOsX Snow Leopard aggiornato alla 10.6.6.Se qualcosa è andata storta e il vostro pc non si avvia correttamente,non perdetevi di animo e ripetere i passi per l’installazione dei Kext.

Post installazione con Kext aggiuntivi per il riconoscimento di tutti i dispositivi.

Dopo aver installato il sistema come descritto nei semplici passi sopra elencati,vi ritroverete un MacOsX non riconosciuto perfettamente;infatti Audio,Video,Ethernet e Wireless non sono correttamente configurati.

Non temete basta solo trovare i Kext adatti.

Per il Wireless: atherosFix

Per il video: Driver Retail 256.01.00f03v5.

Per l’Ethernet:RealtekRTL81x..

N.B. su è possibile reperire l’intero pacchetto di driver della propria scheda madre P8H61-Mle.

Installate il tutto usando Kext Utility(basterà’ trascinare i kext sull’icona del programma e il gioco è fatto).

Riavviate e avrete il tutto funzionante al 100%.

Ricordiamo che la maggior parte dei Kext necessari si possono reperire al sito ovviamente bisogna registrarsi(la registrazione è gratuita).